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Briggs Shore

Briggs is currently the resident artist at the Penn Cove Pottery Gallery. You can visit her in her studio there every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Briggs Shore grew up in Iowa, graduating from Iowa State University with two BFAs in 2007; one in Interior Design, one in Integrated Studio Art. She began selling her ceramic art professionally in 2015, was a resident artist at the Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids IA in 2016 from January through April, and moved to Whidbey Island to be a Studio Assistant at Cook on Clay in July of 2016. She became the resident artist at Penn Cove Pottery in July 2018.

Artist Statement

My work is a combination of two things: my belief that useful everyday objects should be thoughtfully designed and pleasing to use, and my personal love of working in clay. I believe handmade objects are relevant, and that beauty and craftsmanship improve our lives in a tangible, measurable way.  As mass production makes everyday things like the dishes we eat off of cheaper, ubiquitous, and forgettable; my major goal is to offer an alternative. I create handmade individual cups, plates, and bowls in order to introduce beauty and fine craft into everyday life. I create to reassure myself that the pursuit and mastery of a craft is still meaningful. My aesthetic is simple and modern. I believe that a well-designed object has its own beauty and doesn’t need much embellishment to be interesting and a joy to use.

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